For the best possible investment performance from an insurance scheme

Investment-Max offers you:

the opportunity to build up capital through the systematic investment in the internal unit-linked funds of Universal Life. The plan limits the insurance protection to loss of life from accident only, thus minimizing the cost of insurance and maximizing the investable amount.

Investment-Max is ideal for people who would like to achieve maximum return on their premiums but have no sophisticated protection needs.


 In addition, with Investment-Max:

  • your premium is tax deductible, dependent on your taxable income and the chosen sum assured

  • you actively participate in the investment management of your plan by choosing the internal unit-linked funds more suitable to your investment profile

  • you may increase or decrease your premium accordingly

  • you may pay additional optional premiums to increase your accumulated capital

  • you may surrender your plan (either totally or partially) after the non-surrender period, without any extra charge, in case you face an unforeseen financial need 

Minimum Monthly Premium: €1.200



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