Procedure for scheduled treatment or surgery abroad

In case where scheduled treatment or surgery will take place abroad, you will have to follow the steps below to ensure that your treatment / surgery has been pre approved and direct settlement for inpatient and daycare treatment is possible.

Please contact Universal Life’s Accident & Health Department at least 10 days before the treatment / surgery date and submit the following documents:

  • Full medical report with detailed history of the medical condition
  • The operation code of the surgery or treatment to be performed
  • The name of the hospital where surgery or treatment will be performe
  • The name of the specialists / or attending physicians (specialist, surgeon, anaesthesiologist, etc)
  • Pre estimation of the costs

Universal Life will inform you before the treatment / surgery date that direct settlement is possible. In this case we will issue a Letter of Guarantee (pre-authorisation), which will be sent directly to all the providers involved in the case. We can also send it to you if you ask us to.

If for any reason Universal Life will not be in a position to pre authorise the direct settlement of  the medical expenses we will ask you to settle all outstanding invoices and submit a claim form fully completed and signed as well as all relevant receipts to us for evaluation.

In case of invoices for out-patient treatment, please pay all expenses and submit a claim form fully completed and signed as well as payment receipts.

Outside Cyprus we may be able to arrange direct settlement with hospitals outside our network if you ask us before receiving treatment. You must contact us at least 10 days before admission.

Failure to advise us at least 10 days in advance of any daycare or in-patient treatment may mean we are unable to make any direct settlement arrangements on your behalf. We will advise you of whether direct settlement is possible and how much and for how long we will be able to pay for treatment. It is your responsibility to ensure that pre approval has been received before undergoing planned treatment.

Contact details:

Telephone:       22 88 22 22

Fax:                  22 88 22 66