We will stand by you, no matter what happens

If you are a member of the Student Care plan, you enjoy many of the benefits of the MultiCare plan, the best selling health scheme in Cyprus.


Student Care, is part of MultiCare family and it is designed especially for students.

It offers you cover up to €100.000 per year for hospitalisation and day care treatment.

Moreover, you may choose from:

  • Comprehensive cover which provides cover for both in-patient and out-patient expenses

  • Standard cover which provides cover for in-patient expenses only

 A further differentiation, is the area of cover:

  • Area 1 covers you for the whole world with no exception

  • Area 2 excludes USA, Canada and Switzerland

In addition, StudentCare offers three plans to choose from depending on the annual excess amount and the premium you would like to pay: there is a plan with no annual excess as well as two plans with an excess of €85 or €170 per year respectively.

Other important characteristics of Student Care:

  • International Coverage: you may choose the country for diagnosis or treatment depending on the selected area of cover.

  • Direct Settlement of in-patient hospital-bills: to alleviate you of the burden of paying large amounts of money and then waiting to be reimbursed, we have created the "direct settlement nework" of over 11,000 medical providers worldwide through which in-patient bills can be settled.

  • Preferred Providers Network in Cyprus: In order to serve you better, we have created a network of more than 800 medical professionals (doctors, hospitals/clinics and medical providers) in Cyprus.

  • International Emergency Medical Assistance: International Emergency Medical Assistance offers worldwide coverage and it is available 24 hrs a day 365 days a year in emergency situations, providing evacuation and repatriation services. In cases where insufficient medical assistance is not available in the country you are visiting,  we will transport you to the nearest country where the correct medical treatment can be applied, whether it be by road transportation or air ambulance.

  • Ambulance Transport: This benefit is to cover road ambulance for emergency transportation.

 Furthermore you should know, that your premiums are paid in Cyprus and that all the claims are filled here so as to alleviate you from the burden of filing your claims abroad.


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