Have you planned for the years to come?


With UniPension you have the opportunity: 

  • to create and  gradually accumulate capital while you work, by investing systematically to the internal unit linked funds of Universal Life.

  • to maintain your standard of living after retirement, by converting the accumulated capital into whole life annuity (pension) in order to supplement your social security income.

  • to request for early conversion of your accumulated capital into pension, in case of permanent total disability before retirement.


In addition:

  • your premium is tax deductible

  • you actively participate in the investment management of your plan by choosing the investment funds more suitable to your profile

  • you have multiple options for converting your capital into a monthly pension

  • a pension benefit is always granted as the plan cannot be surrendered or assigned to a bank.

  • you may increase or decrease your premium depending on your needs

  • you may add optional premium to increase your accumulated capital

  • you can also choose to pay additional regular premiums in order to build up capital which is payable at maturity as a lump sum

  • you may add more benefits to cover all your insurance needs



Minimum Annual Premium: €480



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