Build up capital for your employees or your members for increasing their benefits at retirement


With UniPlan:

  • each member has his/her own separate individual policy

  • each member can gain extra benefits such as:

    • first year investment

    • flexiblity to readjust the premium, depending on the monthly income or the needs of the member, with no restriction on the minimum level of increase 

    • immediate right to surrender the policy 

    • investment in the internal unit linked funds of Universal Life with relatively low premium


In addition with UniPlan: 

  • each member can add optional premium to increase the accumulated capital 

  • the premium is tax deductible

  • each member has the option to choose the method of payment at maturity: as a lump sum, conversion of the value at maturity to a monthly pension, or combination of the two

  • each member can add more benefits to cover all his/her insurance needs



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