Universal Life: Rated as the most reliable Life Insurance Company

Based on the results of a market research carried out by RAI consultants on February 2016 on behalf of Stockwatch, the specialized financial services website, Universal Life has been ranked as the most trusted and reliable insurance company amongst 600 consumers in Cyprus. The Company has received the highest reliability index rating, compared to all other insurance companies for the 4th year in a row, thus demonstrating the trust and confidence bestowed upon Universal Life by the general public.

According to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andreas Kritiotis, the outcome undeniably establishes Universal Life’s excellence and leadership in the insurance industry. As he stated “the results come as a reward for all the hard work and dedication that our Company has demonstrated over the years; they also reflect our focus on professionalism, high quality customer support and a people-centered corporate culture”.

Reliability, quality of service and dedication will continue to be an ongoing commitment of Universal life, which aims to consistently exceed consumers’ expectations.

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