Donate A Star Christmas Campaign

Universal Life has sponsored Pasykaf’s Christmas Campaign “Donate a Star” for the 3rd consecutive year. The campaign aims to financially support the Association which offers various services to our fellow human beings who are struggling with cancer, as well as to their families. As an All-Time-Sponsor of PASYKAF for the last 28 years, Universal Life is running this campaign for one more year, in order to further enhance the association’s work.

A microsite especially designed for the purpose of this campaign, gives all users the ability to buy Christmas stars online and choose a hospital and a cancer patient where they can offer the star to. PASYKAF then decorates a Christmas tree in each of the hospitals, using all the stars that have been purchased.

On behalf of Universal Life, General Manager Mr Kypros Miranthis stated that the campaign presents an opportunity for everyone this Christmas to join their voices against cancer. He also stated that every contribution maters, as it doesn’t just support the Association financially: each star sends a message of love and hope to cancer patients and their families.

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