The recent economic recession in Cyprus, combined with the growing need for organizations to attract high caliber employees, have resulted in an increasing need for employers to provide group schemes for their personnel. A group insurance scheme can provide important benefits for both employees and employers.

Universal Life was the first company to introduce Group Insurance in Cyprus in 1971.  The Company has played an instrumental role in shaping the group insurance industry in Cyprus and currently possesses the largest market share in this sector. It provides group scheme solutions that can be specially customized and tailored to the needs of both employees and organizations.

Employers can provide intrinsic benefits through the group schemes of Universal Life and can help increase employee satisfaction, trust and dedication to the organization.

A group insurance scheme may also have the following additional benefits:

  • Helps attract and retain high-caliber human resources
  • Enhances employee trust and respect for the employer
  • Contributes towards employee commitment and productivity
  • Helps improve company image and reputation.
  • Provides tax benefits to employers and employees
Group life insurance can be a popular and valued benefit which helps employees feel more secure and motivated and contributes towards a more positive working environment.
A group health scheme can be tailored to your company’s employees and financial budget and can offer additional value and distinct benefits for both employer and employees.
A group pension scheme can be an important reward for organizations to provide their employees, in order to help them secure a steady income during their retirement.