Investment Philosophy

Universal Life currently operates four Internal Investment Funds which consist of units of equal value:


  • Universal Property Fund
  • Universal Dynamic Fund
  • Universal Growth Fund
  • Universal Security Fund
  • Universal Guaranteed Fund


Each Fund has its own investment policy and you can invest in any combination of the four Funds depending on the risk you are prepared to take.

In addition, there are two ways that allow you to change your investement if your risk profile changes. These are the following:


  • Change in the Investment Amount & Fund Allocation Rates. This option may be exercised up to a maximum number of times per year, which are currently set at two. If the Policyowner chooses to change the Allotment Rate in a Fund, the minimum allotment rate per Fund which currently stands at 20% should be met. There is no charge in exercising this opinion.
  • Transfer of existing units between Funds. The transfer is always carried out at the bid prices both for the units to be transferred and for the units to be created. This option is exercised at such intervals as set by the Company. Currently, at least one quarter of the year must elapse since the last transfer in order for such option to be exercised again (this implies a maximum number of four times per year). This Option is charged with a transfer fee set by the Company which today amounts to €35 and is deducted from the amount to be transferred prior to the creation of units in the designated Fund. Units may be transferred from one Fund or more Funds to one or more Funds.