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Opportunity Pension Fund
Investment Philosophy

The Fund aims for high long term capital appreciation by holding primarily growth investments. It is considered as a "High’" risk fund.

In order to meet its investment policy the Fund follows a portfolio mix falling within the ranges shown below:

Investment Category Percentage(%)
Income Assets:     
1.Bonds and Debentures 0-40%
2. Deposits and Money Market Instruments 0-30%
Growth Assets:  
3. Listed Shares  40-80%
4. Real Estate  0-10%
5. Alternative Investments*  0-25%

*  Ιt includes investments such as hedge funds and private equity that cannot be classified under any of the previous four investment categories.

Subject to the percentage limits appearing in the above table the Company has discretion in structuring the Fund’s investments as it thinks fit in order to meet its investment goals. The Company also reserves the right to reduce the investment in listed shares below the minimum percentage if it foresees severe and/or persistent instability in capital markets.