Selecting the correct life insurance scheme means that you are offering your dependents and loved ones the best protection and care. A life insurance scheme will help you protect your income so that your family continues to live comfortably and without worry.

Why we need Life Insurance

Our family and loved ones depend on a fixed stable income which provides for all necessary expenses and support. It’s inevitable that they will be adversely affected by an untimely death of the breadwinner of the family.

Life insurance can replace the earnings that would cease at the death of the insured and can help the family continue to pay their necessary expenses and maintain their quality of life.

Why Universal Life

Universal Life, always a leader in innovative insurance solutions, offers complete insurance schemes which can combine saving and investment as well as include additional benefits.

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Life Insurance Plans
Five simple life insurance options to obtain insurance cover for your family at a low cost.
Life Protector provides triple coverage in one package to protect your family simply and fast.
An ideal solution for combining insurance cover and building up capital through saving and investment.
An insurance scheme that provides lifetime protection for all your family members.
A scheme that provides comprehensive protection for life as well systematic saving and investment.
A scheme designed especially for contemporary women, providing a unique combination of benefits.
An educational scheme that belongs exclusively to the child who is the sole beneficiary of the accumulated capital.
The ideal scheme for immediate investment and increase of capital.
An ideal scheme for combining systematic investment and low insurance cost.
The ideal scheme for maximizing your investment performance.
The ideal scheme for systematic saving and stability.

Tax Calculator

Calculate your annual income tax and your available amount for life insurance.