A cost-efficient solution assuring the same level of service, quality and expertise in medical care
MultiCare Excess Options

MultiCare Excess Options have been developed by Universal Life in association with AXA Global Health Care for people who are looking for a cost efficient solution to cover their health insurance needs, while assuring the same level of service, quality and expertise.

Whether you’re in Cyprus or travelling abroad, you’ll want to feel sure that if anything should happen to you or your family in the way of illness or injury, you’ll have access to the best possible medical care. In order to be able to offer a more cost-effective scheme, MultiCare Excess options include a yearly excess amount.


What is an Excess?

An excess is the amount you pay towards eligible treatment under your plan, which is then deducted from the amount payable. Therefore the patient pays a much lower insurance amount while still having access to the same level of service, quality and expertise.  Any annual excess is applied each policy year for each member, even if treatment is continuous from one year to the next.


What excess options are available?

The excess options are available to members with the Standard level of cover on the Premiere and Value Plus plans. The excess is only applicable to in-patient and day care benefits.

There are 3 yearly excess options, €1.000, €2.500 και €5.000 .


In order to find out more about about MultiCare Excess Options and what each one entails, please get in touch with us.

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