Create a steady income for your retirement years! Become proactive and supplement your pension so that your dont compromise your standard of living during the golden years.

The increase in life expectancy combined with absence of adequate social security systems, make retirement planning more important than ever. People’s income during their working years is no longer enough, in order to secure their desired quality of life during retirement.

A pension plan is therefore necessary in order for someone to supplementing their pension and secure their standard of living when they reach retirement years.

Universal Life, always a leader in innovative insurance institutions, was the first insurance company to provide pension schemes in Cyprus. The schemes aim to provide policyholders with a steady income during their retirement to supplement the old-age pension so that they can maintain their standard of living during this important period of their lives.

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Ideal for people who want to save up for the years to come and supplement their pension.
A pension scheme that provides a guaranteed, fixed income for life.

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