Group Pension
An ideal solution for companies and organizations in seek of a retirement solution for their employees that combines systematic savings and investment.

PensionPLUS Occupational Retirement Plan is an ideal solution for companies and organizations in seek of a retirement solution for their employees. It’s a contemporary, pioneering group scheme where the employer and the employee both contribute towards covering the retirement needs of the employee through systematic savings and investment. It also helps increase employee satisfaction, trust and dedication to the organization.

  • Contributions can be made by the employer, the members or both and can be adjusted according to member’s needs.
  • Retirement benefits belong exclusively to the members and are paid upon their retirement or departure from the organization or company.
  • The Plan is offered to companies and organizations with more than 5 people


PensionPLUS provides the following benefits:

  • Very low management fees with transparent costs
  • Supportive tools for investment profile and performance assessment
  • Personalized investment strategy according to the investment profile and objectives of each member
  • Each member invests in the Internal Investment Funds that have been set up especially for the management of Group Pension Plans
  • Ability to adjust the contributions according to the income and needs of each member
  • Ability to add additional lump sums
  • Tax benefits to employers and employees
  • Right of partial surrender of the value of member’s account for special reasons
  • Right of Total surrender in case of withdrawal of the member from the company or organization
  • Transparent and simple process of monitoring and managing the personal account of each member through the Uconnect Customer Portal and Mobile Application for 24/7 access.
  • Extensive knowhow in investments management from a specialized Committee and access to nternational mutual funds managers
  • Strict operational framework, with Universal Life responsible for full harmonization with the current legal framework

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