Universal Life: A special contribution to the campaign «No child without a gift»

Universal Life has donated 100 books for the Christmas campaign “Toys with Love” which has been organized in Cyprus and lasted for the whole of last December with the slogan “No kid without a gift”.

The campaign has been organized by Social Policy and Action organization, under the auspices of the Cyprus Commissioner of Volunteering and Non-Governmental organizations and in cooperation with several other organizations. The aim of the campaign was to collect toys and books for kids with fewer opportunities, from less fortunate families during the holiday season. As part of Universal Life’s Social responsibility program, a contribution has been made of 100 books titled “How Come? Planet Earth” by Kathy Wollard. The book which consists of questions about our planet and exciting as well as exciting and entertaining ways of giving answers to them.

 Ms Ifighenia Katchie, Director of Social Policy and Action and coordinator of Toys with Love Campaign, expressed her gratitude to Universal Life for this generous offer which brought, as she has stated, a smile to many kids’ faces.  On behalf of Universal Life, Ms Emilia Orphanidou, voiced the company’s satisfaction of having offered a small helping hand to such a wonderful campaign. She also thanked Ms Katchie and all the campaign volunteers for the huge effort and contributions