Universal Life: Rated as the most reliable Insurance Company in Cyprus for the 8th consecutive year!

Based on the results of a recent market survey carried out by RAI consultants on behalf of the specialized financial services website Stockwatch, Universal Life was ranked as the most trusted and reliable insurance company amongst 600 consumers in Cyprus for the 8th consecutive year.  The Company has received the highest reliability index rating as well as the highest recommendation index rating, compared to all other life insurance companies. 

According to Universal Life Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Evan Gavas, reliability has always been one of the most important tenets and fundamental corporate values of the Company. As he stated, “the outcome of the market survey is a confirmation of Universal Life’s leading position in the local insurance industry and in the mind of the Cypriot consumer. The results come as a unique reward for all the hard work and dedication that our Company has demonstrated over the years; they also present a challenge for us to continue to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. The award is even more significant during this difficult time that everyone is going through due to the pandemic”. 

Universal Life was the first insurance company to be founded in Cyprus and has played an instrumental role in the development of the life insurance industry in the country through the introduction of new insurance concepts and the advancement of insurance values amongst Cypriots. Today, the Company is one of the most prominent life insurance companies of the island and the leading company in the local accident and health sector. 

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