One of our most popular plans with cover for treatment up to am overall annual maximum limit of €200,000.
MultiCare ValuePlus

MultiCare ValuePlus is one of our most popular plans and provides cover for treatment up to a generous overall annual maximum limit of €200,000.

With MultiCare ValuePlus you can choose between a Comprehensive cover option for both in-patient and out-patient expenses, or a Standard cover option which provides cover for only in-patient expenses.

As MultiCare is truly an international health plan, customers can select the country in which to receive treatment based on their choice of regions: Area 1 will provide you cover for the whole world and Area 2 will provide cover for the whole world excluding the USA, Canada and Switzerland.

In case of emergency treatment you can receive cover even if you are outside of your area of cover under certain prerequisites.

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Product Information Document for MultiCare ValuePlus

With MultiCare ValuePlus you can cover your in-patience and day care expenses which may include the following:

  • Hospital charges
  • Surgeons , Anaesthetists and Physicians charges
  • Consultations, diagnostic procedures and physiotherapy during in-patient stay
  • Additional accommodation
  • Cash Benefit

It also covers for:

  • Out-patient surgical procedures
  • In-patient CT, MRI, and PET scanning.
  • Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy/oncology treatment
  • Ambulance Transportation

If you select the Comprehensive level of coverage, MultiCare ValuePlus also provides for the following out-patient coverage:

  • Medical Practitioner charges and prescription drugs
  • Medical Practitioner consultations, diagnostic procedures and physiotherapy
  • Out-patient CT, MRI and PET scanning
  • Alternative Treatment
  • Nursing at home
  • Accidental damage to teeth
  • Psychiatric treatment

MultiCare International Health Plan also lets you have access to the following additional benefits:

  • International Emergency Medical Assistance – our evacuation and repatriation service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. In case of a medical emergency, if you can’t get the treatment you need locally, we will arrange to take you to the nearest place where the treatment is available.
  • Direct settlement of in-patient hospital bills – we have arrangements with over 11,000 medical providers worldwide through which in-patient bills can be settled directly.
  • Health at Hand – our health telephone information service, is available to all our members 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. You can speak directly to experienced health professionals on a wide variety of healthcare issues. All kinds of information – on illnesses, medical terms, medications, infant care – is just a phone call away.
  • Administration of policies and claims handled directly from Cyprus-A team of professionals based in Cyprus is taking care of your needs. For treatment outside of Cyprus we have the global support of AXA PPP healthcare, one of the UK’s leading and most experienced healthcare providers.


  • Pregnancy: The benefit covers normal pregnancy and child birth including in-patient and out-patient antenatal and post-natal consultation and delivery. It also covers charges for treatment related to complications incurred during pregnancy including caesarean section.
  • Cover for newborn babies: MultiCare offers cover for newborn babies as long as they join their parent's plan within three months of their day of birth.

Adult Health Screens and Children’s Health Pack

In case you select MultiCare ValuePlus Comprehensive cover, you will have access to the following Additional Benefits which will give you peace of mind when it comes to you and your family's health: 

Benefits Limit This benefit is to cover annual health screen and not limited to:
Men’s Health Screen €100 every year stress ecg, prostate and lipid test.*
Women’s Health Screen €100 every year mammogram, cervical smear.*
Children’s Health Pack €75 every year for each child general health checks and vaccinations.*

* The annual excess does not apply to these benefits.

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