The ideal scheme for maximizing your investment performance.

Investment-Max is a fixed-duration scheme until the age of 80. It’s a unit-linked plan that can build up capital through investment in the Internal Unit-Linked Funds of Universal Life.

Investment-Max is addressed to people who seek to maximize their investment and have limited insurance needs. 

It may also interest people who want to have tax benefits but cannot obtain other insurance cover scheme because of health or age reasons.

Investment-Max provides the opportunity for the policyholder to build up capital through systematic investment in the Internal Unit-Linked Funds of Universal Life. The plan provides insurance protection only for loss of life from accident, thus minimizing the cost of insurance and maximizing the investable amount.

It’s an ideal scheme for those interested in building up capital on medium or long term basis through systematic saving.

The earliest age one can enter the scheme is 20 years old with the maximum age is 70. Maximum age at maturity is 80 years and life insurance cover can reach up to €200.000. Minimum yearly premium is €1.200.

Policy holder can increase or decrease the premium accordingly or pay additional optional premiums to increase the accumulated capital.


Important Information: 

In order to find out more information about how this scheme is connected with the internal unit-linked Funds of Universal Life you can visit the below links:

Scheme Key Information Document

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes- Regular Premium

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes- Single Premium

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