An ideal scheme for combining systematic investment and low insurance cost.
Investor's Plan

Investor’s Plan is a fixed duration investment scheme until age 85.  It’s a unit-linked scheme that provides systematic investment and low insurance cost.

The scheme is addressed to people who want to maximize their capital through systematic investment in the unit-linked funds of Universal Life.

Investor's Plan is ideal for people who have small increments of money to invest and people with limited or no tax exemption margins. At the same time it provides a solution for people who require life insurance cover but cannot have it because of age or health reasons.

The scheme provides a maximum life insurance cover of €2.000.000 and is offered until the age of 75.

The policyholders may increase or decrease premiums depending on their needs. They may also add optional premium to increase their accumulated capital.


Important Information: 

In order to find out more information about how this scheme is connected with the internal unit-linked Funds of Universal Life you can visit the below links:

Scheme Key Information Document

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes- Regular Premium

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes- Single Premium

The scheme does not provide the option of adding supplementary benefits.

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