The ideal scheme for immediate investment and increase of capital.

UniBond is a unit-linked single premium plan where the policy holder can invest a single amount and immediately increase capital.

The scheme is addressed to people who wish to make a lump-sum investment in the Company’s internal unit-linked funds, in order to take advantage of the prevailing investment conditions. 

UniBond is ideal for immediate investment of a single amount in the Internal Unit-Linked Funds of Universal Life. At the same time, the policyholder can also include insurance cover for life loss in the scheme.

The scheme offers life insurance cover from any cause between the permitted minimum and maximum ranges depending on the premium paid and the duration of the plan up to a maximum of €2 million.    


Important Information: 

In order to find out more information about how this scheme is connected with the Internal Unit-Linked Funds of Universal Life you can visit the below links:

Scheme Key Information Document

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes- Regular Premium

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes- Single Premium

The scheme does not provide the option of adding supplementary benefits.

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