An ideal solution for combining insurance cover and building up capital through saving and investment.

UniCapital provides life insurance cover for a fixed duration and is suitable for building up capital through systematic investment in the unit-linked funds of Universal Life.

The scheme is addressed to people who are interested in saving up necessary capital through systematic investment and saving.

UniCapital provides for timely creating and accumulating sufficient capital to meet future needs. It also combines these with insurance coverage as well as tax exemption.

UniCapital provides life insurance cover for a fixed duration chosen by the policyholder ranging between 10 and 45 years. The level of cover can be up to €2.000.000.

The scheme provides the opportunity to build up capital through systematic investment in the company's internal unit-linked funds while the policyholder can actively participate in the investment management of the plan by choosing the investment funds more suitable to his profile. The premiums can increase or decrease depending on the policyholder's needs and additional premium can be added in order to increase accumulated capital.


Important Information: 

In order to find out more information about how this scheme is connected with the internal unit-linked Funds of Universal Life you can visit the below links:

Scheme Key Information Document

Internal Investment Funds Informative Notes


The plan maybe enriched with the following supplementary benefits:  

  • Term Insurance
  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Death and Disability
  • Dread Disease Cover
  • Disability Income
  • Major Medical
  • Permanent Total Disability and Waiver of Premium.

Find out more details about each of the above benefits.

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