Preferred Providers Network

Universal Life has formed its own Preferred Providers Network which includes over 150 doctors, hospitals and providers. Our main objective for the formation of the above Networks is the smoother and quicker process of your claims, as well as the avoidance of any deductions made on claims in cases of overcharges.

Abroad AXA have a network which includes access to over 1.1 million medical providers worldwide (Medical Practicioners and hospitals/clinics).



New Specialized Call Center for prompt customer service

Universal Life has created a new Specialized Call Center for a more efficient and prompt support of customers who are members of the MultiCare International Health Plan.

Through the new Call Center, customers can:

  • Receive information about the Exclusive Preferred Providers’ Network of Universal Life
  • Arrange appointments with private doctors of their choice who are part of the Exclusive Network.
  • Learn about Hospitals, Doctors and Referral Procedures to Emergency Units.

You can contact the new Call Center at ➡️ 22419555

Working hours ➡️ Monday-Friday 8:00am - 21:00pm.

  • During after hours, weekends and holidays only calls for emergency cases and referrals to Emergency Units will be answered.


➡ The new Call Center provides support on appointments and inquiries related to the Preferred Providers’ Network; It’s not related to issues that concern benefits and features of the MultiCare Health policies.

➡ The new Call Center provides support related to the Preferred Providers Network in Cyprus.  

Hospitals Network Cyprus
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Preferred Doctor's Network Cyprus
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CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: 22 88 22 22 | Fax: 22 88 22 66 | Email: