Looking after our health is of crucial importance; it can also mean high costs as well as unpredictable needs. A private health insurance ensures fast and secure access to health care, without being subject to long awaits and uncertainty. 

Universal Life, the market leader in the Accident and Health Insurance market in Cyprus, possesses incomparable experience and expertise in this sector. Through MultiCare International Health Plan which was developed in association with AXA-Global Health Care, you can be sure that you and your family are protected financially in the event of unexpected illness, injury or accidents, in Cyprus and abroad.

MultiCare International Health Plan

MultiCare International Health Plan has been developed by Universal Life in association with AXA-Global Health Care. AXA is one of the largest health insurance companies of the UK with more than 60 years of experience and more than 2 million insured people all over the world.


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MultiCare Plan Options

MultiCare International Health Plan is a diverse product with 4 different options each designed for audiences with different needs:

  • Premiere Plus: provides maximum cover of €3.000.000 per person
  • Value Plus: provides maximum cover of €200.000 per person
  • SmartStart: provides an annual maximum of €100.000 per person
  • StudentCare: is offered to all students in Cyprus and abroad, has an annual limit of €100.000.  
Areas of Cover

Depending on where in the world you wish to be covered, there are 2 areas of cover available on the MultiCare International Health Plan:

  • Area 1: provides cover for the whole world
  • Area 2: provides cover for the whole world excluding the USA, Canada and Switzerland

Whichever area of cover is selected, you can receive medical treatment not only in Cyprus but also in any other country within the chosen area of cover.

Our top of the range health plan with an overall annual maximum coverage of €3,000,000
One of our most popular plans with cover for treatment up to am overall annual maximum limit of €200,000.
A health plan option created especially for younger generations with coverage up to an annual maximum of €100,000.
The only health plan in Cyprus that provides coverage based on incurred expenses, both in Cyprus and abroad for 6 critical illnesses
A health plan especially designed to cater for students' needs with an annual maximum of €100,000
A cost-efficient solution assuring the same level of service, quality and expertise in medical care
A simple medical plan for all foreign employees who live in Cyprus
Provides financial backup in the unfortunate case of an accident

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